Vidya Gyan (U.S.A.)

Vidya Gyan envisions itself to be a grass-roots organization to mobilize resources from all those who have the capacity to give in whatever form they can, particularly for improving education and health in the rural (and suburban) communities. We were founded in 2014 in Minnesota, U.S.A.

Vidya Gyan, a U.S. based 501 (c-3) organization, enables U.S. donors to make tax-deductible contributions. The donations can be used for infrastructure development (such as libraries and laboratory resources), scholarships, teaching/learning tools/materials, computer facilities, faculty development, mentoring/coaching of students, skills development, and/or career counseling. We envision that Vidya Gyan will enable those traveling to India for pleasure and/or business to volunteer for sharing their intellect and knowledge capital with students and/or faculty in India. The possibilities exist to adopt a group of students and/or individual students to serve as their role-models/mentors by digital means once they have visited. Over time we expect that the NRIs as well as people in India will support organizations/causes of their choice to celebrate the community where they were born, raised, and/or educated or keep the great memories alive of grandparents, parents, and/or the loved ones. We hope to instill the spirit of Vidya Gyan- Uttam Daan (Educating: The Best Gift) and encourage all to consider charitable contributions to Vidya Gyan when celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other family/community events.

Vidya Gyan India

Vidya Gyan India, an independent trust registered in 2015, has its own aims and objectives as defined in the trust document. However, there is a significant overlap with Vidya Gyan’s broad vision and mission. It is envisioned that Vidya Gyan India will plan and execute its own projects and will also be a major player, partner, and promoter of Vidya Gyan projects in India. Our goal is to create synergy and collaboration between both organizations.

We seek your ideas and encouragement for Vidya Gyan to succeed in its mission and for it to be everyone’s organization in supporting and enhancing education. Please contact us at with your questions and ideas for better education and health in India. We would be pleased to share your ideas on this website unless indicated otherwise.