Nidhi Kansal

Nidhi KansalA Chartered Accountant (CPA equivalent) by profession from India, She joined General Electric (GE) in 2001 and then joined GENPACT. Currently, she is working as Vice President – Finance. Throughout her career, she followed her passion for being associated with the development sector. She has been part of the Corporate Social Responsibility group (CSR) and volunteers across multiple social causes, primarily education, mentoring projects, feed a million, and various other initiatives.

She is blessed to be part of a family where daughters’ education, self-confidence, and independence are highly valued. She is passionate about girl education and believes that “education” empowers gender quality and is a crucial factor influencing internal and external social transformation in a developing society. She is recognized as a passionate gender equality advocate, always striving for excellence. Her primary interest is in finding solutions to those issues that affect children, especially girls. She is currently a core team member of Vidya Gyan and is responsible for managing all financial aspects.

Puneet Saxena

Puneet SaxenaPuneet completed his Master’s in Computer Science from Aligarh Muslim University, India. After working for many MNC’s in India and the US, he has been living in the greater Minneapolis areas and working with Oracle for the past 13 years. He is passionate about motivational speaking and community service work and helps out different organizations working in social causes. He is also actively involved in empowering young kids with mentoring and doing leadership workshops.

Dhruv Jain

Dhruv hails from New Delhi and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Maharishi Dayanand University, India. He has been working in IT Consulting in cross-sector domains, primarily Energy/Utilities, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sectors. While he has spent a few years in Ireland, United Kingdom, Singapore, he is currently living in the USA since 2009 with his family.
He has watched both his maternal and paternal grandparents and his parents helping the underserved sections of society during his childhood. His father ran a free medical clinic for the underprivileged. Having observed the compassion and virtues, he has imbibed the practice of selfless social work as an integral part of his life. In India, Dhruv has been part of the other charitable organizations, which organize charitable clinics and fundraising for the physically or visually challenged and help them be financially independent by giving them basic supplies like bicycles, sewing machines, etc. For Vidya Gyan, Dhruv is actively involved in the planning of Fundraising and Youth Board initiatives.

Amber Gupta

Amber identifies Education as one of the core values that he inherited from his family. He saw his grandfather founding and nurturing a school in his hometown, which progressed from Primary school to an intercollege, where he actively participated. He found a natural connection to the Vidya Gyan mission and contributed to several capacities (spanning from thought leadership to grassroots volunteering) since his engagement as Board Member starting in 2017.

Amber earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Information Technology. He worked in major consulting firms and startups before joining Medtronic in Minneapolis, USA. Having seen many cultures and societies through his professional and personal life and connecting to the needs of the underprivileged, he brings his unique perspective to Vidya-Gyan initiatives. He firmly believes that with better child education and hygiene, poverty can be eradicated. He is closely engaged in corporate fund-raising activities through his circle of influence for the Vidya-Gyan cause. Most recently, he was instrumental in pulling together a campaign for COVID-19 relief funds and arranging O2 concentrators to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis in India through Vidya-Gyan. He has motivated many to give back to the cause of education, a value that he thinks brought a better quality of life to us.