Spring Break 2021 Activities

Vidya Gyan has the Spelling Bee champions from this weekend’s fun competition. Our grades 3-4 group champions include Prisha Saxena and Avyay Gupta, both grade 4, and Aryan Khedkar of grade 5 in the grades 5-6 group. Vidya Gyan appreciates every participant who did very well and, more importantly, took the bold step of putting themselves up for the friendly competition. Congratulations are due to the champions and every participant. Sincere appreciation to Vidya Gyan’s Youth volunteers to organize a fantastic/flawless activity. Please congratulate the Spelling Bee champions and participants.

Building a Business in High School

Many of us dream of starting a successful business. Let us find out firsthand how  Bharat Pulgam started multiple businesses, both for-profit and non-profit. Vidya Gyan is very pleased to welcome Scholar PULGAM who will share his journey and perhaps some secrets about how he became a successful entrepreneur at such a young age. His own background is impeccable; you may not want to miss and be inspired as you begin 2021 with renewed hopes and aspirations.

My Journey Towards Being a Physician

It is every parent’s dream that their son/daughter go to medical school. Vidya Gyan offers a free forum for parents and their children to ask what they always wanted to know but did not have someone who had been through the process to talk to. Now, they have a Vidya Gyan’s Ambassador, Rachit Gupta, an accomplished Scholar who is graduating soon from the University of Minnesota medical school.
Sunday, November 8, 2020, at 2:00 pm
To receive the zoom link, registration is required at:  http://vidya-gyan.org/upcoming-events/
For Questions call 701-200-1960 or email vidyagyan2014@gmail.com
Vidya Gyan welcomes tax-deductible donations because Every Child Matters.