The biggest and dearest asset is our (grand)children and their education and wellbeing during the unprecedented COVID 19. Vidya Gyan’s MATH-A MAGIC led by Youth Ambassador and Scholar, Arreh Jain, is to make your son/daughter (the Schooler) a math pro with magical tricks which will even surprise you. Arreh’s efforts will also benefit hundreds of children in India’s rural government schools because #EveryChildMatters. It is a win-win for you as a contributor for a good cause and supporting the learning of your child(ren) toward excellence as well as in India. One of Vidya Gyan’s newest initiatives is “SUPER 20.”


A STORY you always wanted your child to write but never had the time and talent. Now, Vidya Gyan’s Youth Ambassador is offering a weeklong camp to learn CREATIVE WRITING and compose the story worth reading. This is the first ‘non-science’ camp in 2020 under our initiative, “Scholar (Pari) to Schoolers (your child)”.
Seize the Covid 19: Home Stay time and treasure the creativity in your child’s story. First come first serve. #EveryChildMatters


Someone is seriously thinking about your children while we are locked in our homes. Aayush has designed not one but two different SCIENCE STARZ workshops for different age groups. Vidya Gyan truly appreciates his dedicated efforts. May God bless him.


Are you looking for kids to be engaged while at home due to coronavirus? Vidya Gyan’s youth ambassador Aayush Gupta has a perfect solution- Science Starz, a week-long fun-filled science learning. It starts Monday, March 23 and space is limited; first come first serve. Thank you. Stay safe and blessed.

SCIENCE STARZ ATLANTA: Another camp- yes in Atlanta by youth volunteer Pihu Gupta, an 11th grader science enthusiast, and the future leader. Vidya Gyan is overjoyed that Pihu is making a commitment to give back to the community in the best way she can. She is assuming full responsibility for creating and offering the program and engaging the kids as learners. Of course, her parents (Puneet and Ruchi) are there to support.
Vidya Gyan does not have words to express appreciation to this Gupta family in Atlanta and the local Gupta family of Aayush, Monica, and Amit. The connection- Pihu and Aayush are first cousins and Vidya Gyan’s best Ambassadors in making science learning engaging and fun. We could not ask for more of the mentors, learners, and their parents.
Incidentally, Indu and I will be in Atlanta next weekend and hoping to meet Pihu and her parents to express our sincere gratitude. Vidya Gyan is on the move with the blessings of our friends and believers in #EveryChildMatters. We want you to keep Vidya Gyan blessed and energized with your support and let our youth volunteers do the rest.
We have one more camp in the making in our own community; will let you know shortly.


Vidya Gyan is always on the move because of the volunteers and friends. One of our Youth Ambassadors, Aayush Gupta, is offering a two-week-long science camp for kids entering grades 3-5. With Aayush’s passion and accomplishments, I know in my heart that the kids will enjoy the activity. Seats are limited- first come first serve. Vidya Gyan is particularly pleased that we are able to offer this activity for children in our own community which has given so much to Vidya Gyan. Educating children and empowering them is our core mission. #EveryChildMatters