The comprehensive approach to learning includes deeper engagement beyond the classroom (reading books and reference material in the library) and hands-on activities in the sciences. This prompted Vidya Gyan to fund (~$33,000) a project in a rural Inter College (grades 6-12) for a general-purpose library for all students, science and math’s text book bank for grades 9-12, and equipment for science labs for grades 11 and 12. The books for grades 6-8 are provided by the government.

An added part of this project is peer mentoring and competitive activities such as debates, essay writing and posters etc., for greater use of the library by the students and inviting neighboring school students to enhance inter-institutional collaboration.

The project began in earnest in July 2017 following the Home Ministry approval under Foreign Currency Regulations Act (FCRA). The library is now fully furnished with the ongoing acquisition of books for students to borrow. In addition, the science and math text books were distributed to all students in 9th and 11th grades through the book bank. The same students will receive text books next year in grades 10 and 12. For us, it is essentially a learning experience about the condition of returned text books each semester for reuse by students in the subsequent years.

Vidya Gyan is equally pleased that the laboratory equipment has been installed and is currently being used by students. The equipment is for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology benefitting about 200 students in all grades.

The school also held two competitions- a debate on the use of cell phones and another on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao (Save Daughter: Educate Daughter), a national initiative to improve the declining sex ratio and changing mindset of parents for treating girls as well as the boys. The students from two neighboring schools participated in both events.