The individuals sharing their knowledge are the “Scholars” and the beneficiaries are the “Schoolers.” Our focus is on the learning of the younger children (the Schoolers in lower grades) by the youth ( typically the High School students) but not at the exclusion of working professionals.  The examples will also include university/college students from prestigious institutions, or from medical/professional programs who are willing to share their journey (The Scholars) with aspiring students/parents (the Schoolers), and professionals in various industries sharing their insight with youth/adults about their successful careers.
S2S is not a “one size fits all” initiative but it has the potential for enrichment at all levels with no disciplinary, topical, and geographical boundaries. A concept that began with one Youth Ambassador in summer 2019 has now blossomed to include about a dozen volunteer Scholars who have offered as many learning camps to hundreds of Schoolers in grades ranging 2-8. These learning camps have included the sciences, mathematics, creative writing, chess, technology, and more.