Our Accomplishments

Starting 2017, Vidya Gyan has distributed on an average 8000 notebooks each year benefitting over 2500 students in grades 1-5 in rural schools. Writing is empowering with supplies like pencils, notebooks, & erasers under the Pencil to Power initiative. Over 1000 girl students have their own savings account under the Savings to Secure initiative. The learning environment of more than 20 schools has been revamped by uplifting students from the classroom floor onto classroom furniture (Adopt a School initiative). About a dozen schools have children storybooks under our Library for Learning initiative. Two rural government primary schools have fully furnished Computer Labs, first such attempt in District Saharanpur, for students to become proficient in technology. Five designated schools to host Vidya Gyan SUPER-20 academies, an after school mentoring program for the holistic development (academic, social, cultural, and leadership) of selected students. Thousands of new books including the textbooks in the sciences and mathematics for all grades 9-12 students are now available in a rural inter-college library for students to borrow and read. The laboratories in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are equipped for hands-on learning by students in the 11th and 12th grades.