Adopt a School

Vidya Gyan has visited several dozen rural government primary schools in the past 3 years. The experience has been very telling of the environment which is anything but conducive to learning. A school now exists practically in every village and the central government funds free lunch, text books, and dresses for each student. However, the infrastructure is often dilapidated, no furniture for children, playground is a rarity, the libraries are almost non-existent and the teaching and learning aids are in short supply. The students attending these schools are generally from families in the lower income strata and mostly underserved. The quality of education in these schools is perceived to be “poor,” not too far from the truth although all schools are not equal.

Vidya Gyan’s “Adopt a School” initiative is aimed at making select schools more conducive to learning by providing resources. We selected 4 schools where teachers demonstrated commitment to Vidya Gyan’s Savings to Secure, learning of their pupils, and better engagement with parents and community. Anecdotally, the quality of education seems directly related to teachers’ engagement and trust with community.

A proposal process was developed in which the schools requested and justified resources such as classroom furniture, library materials, playground, projector and other resources. Vidya Gyan’s first commitment is to providing furniture as a token of dignity to children and other resources as funds become available. partnership.

We plan to provide furniture and other resources in early 2018 with a long-term strategy to building a climate of better learning. We also hope that the neighboring schools will be encouraged to seek resources from Vidya Gyan thus fostering a spirit of competition toward better learning environments.